Pilar López García-Gallo

17 Nov 2021

Doctor of Pedagogy from the Complutense University of Madrid. She studied Pedagogy at the same University and Science Teaching at the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has coordinated the Department of Public Programs of the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC), from 1989 until today where she holds the position of Deputy Director of the Museum as Head of the Area of Communication and Scientific Culture. She has coordinated and designed scientific dissemination programs with a multitude of educational activities and workshops for school groups and the individual and family public. These programs have been organized as a way of transmitting the research projects that are developed in the Museum to society as a whole. She is a specialist in didactics of museums of natural sciences, heritage and in project management and organization of events for the dissemination and social communication of science. She has directed several projects dedicated to the dissemination of science. In addition, Dr. López, published research articles, participated in Master's degrees in education and communication, courses, congresses and seminars and in different educational and scientific communication and dissemination projects.

She is currently also a member of the research group of the Complutense University whose line of research is the study of science present in the environment of the citizen and its repercussions on society.

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