Our lines
of research

We focus on analyzing from neuroeducation how our senses influence science learning.

We research on how we feel and act when we make decisions, learn or face situations that involve scientific knowledge.

We also study how science is perceived and valued teacher training.


We analyze emotional flows that occur when individuals learn and are confronted with ideas with scientific content. We also study how scientific concepts are created and the relationships they have with our senses and neuroscience.

Among other advances, we have patented a device, the Termosensimeter and we perform analysis of emotions flows using the platform iMotions®.


Science in Society

Among other issues, we have investigated the scientific-technical contents present in citizens’ daily lives, such as those involved in the processes of purchase or labelling of products, in the media, in social debates, in health and nutrition, etc.

We also study contexts and the valuation or perception that citizens have of the usual scientific content in their lives.


Teacher training

In this line, we are working to improve the training of our future teachers in order to help them to link the methods and knowledge of their profession with the needs citizens have in their daily lives.

We have studied and analyzed the didactic resources available to teachers and their relevance to their students, especially in relation to our research areas.

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