Federico Agen's PhD Thesis Defense

Apr 8th 2023

Last December 14, 2022, our colleague Federico Agen defended his doctoral thesis with a successful result. The proposal, by the now PhD, is framed in an important and emerging field of study: Application of an automatic facial recognition system to the investigation of emotional flows in science education.

The research utilizes a unique emotional expression processing system to analyze the emotional flow experienced by students when faced with an inquiry learning problem. The system allows to study in a parametric way, with physical-physiological measures, the emotional context that accompanies learning processes.

El director y Dr. Ángel Ezquerra y el Dr. Federico Agen en el acto de defensa pública de su tesis doctoral.
The supervisor Prof. Ángel Ezquerra, PhD, and Federico Agen, PhD, at the public defence of his doctoral dissertation.

Different emotional phases in the inquiry process with characteristic patterns were identified. In addition, the appearance of emotions was observed at key moments in the learning process. Both the novel research process and the results obtained are allowing us to advance in the understanding of how emotions are intimately related to the construction of learning in science.

In addition to the research dimension, the academic, social and personal commitment of the new PhD should also be recognized. His contribution to the study field will extend beyond his PhD thesis with the opportunity to establish relationships with other researchers and other institutions.

From here, we congratulate Federico for his great dedication and hard work, which has allowed him to reach one of the great milestones in an academic career. We hope that he will continue to contribute in this field and doing research with us.

Publications related to the dissertation

  • Agen, F. & Ezquerra, A. (2021). Análisis de las emociones en el trabajo de indagación: «La Caja Negra». Investigación en la Escuela, 103, 125-138. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.12795/IE.2021.i103.09
  • Ezquerra, A., Agen, F., Rodríguez-Arteche, I., & Ezquerra-Romano, I. (2022). Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Research on Emotions and Behaviors in Science Education. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 18(4), em2099. https://doi.org/10.29333/ejmste/11927
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