Opening to the public of the “Espacio Leonardo Torres Quevedo” in the educative-scientific project “El Valle de los Inventos”

Feb 22th 2022

The Neuroeducation, Science and Society research group, and led by Professor Francisco A. González Redondo, content and advice have been provided for the Museo—Espacio Leonardo Torres Quevedo; In addition, training is provided for guides, teachers , and students.

Promoting science in society

The Espacio Leonardo Torres Quevedo has opened its doors, a unique museum dedicated to the dissemination of figure and work of the illustrious inventor. It is located in the school dependencies that bears his name in La Serna de Iguña —Cantabria—, just 400 meters from his birthplace in Santa Cruz. The space is part of the museum project “el Valle de los Inventos”conceived in 2016 by Daniel Cubas Ortega (Centro de Iniciativas Alto Besaya) and Marcos Carrasco (CEIP “Leonardo Torres Quevedo”) and carried out with the advice and content provided by Francisco A. González Redondo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Cartel del Espacio Leonardo Torres Quevedo
Image courtesy of Fco. A. González Redondo.

The space presents the most complete and up-to-date permanent exhibition on the inventor, with panels that combine texts and images, different models of some of his most significant inventions, showcases with numerous archive documents, a multimedia area with tactile games and even a scape room. All of this is presented through a documentary, museum exclusive, about his life in Iguña and the creation of the shuttle, his first invention, directed by Rodolfo Montero, director and producer from Cantabria awarded with two Goya Awards.

Niña observando la maqueta de la cabina transbordador en el Espacio Leonardo Torres Quevedo
Visiting the model of the shuttle cabin. Image courtesy of El Valle de los Inventos.

Popular science

In addition, scientific workshops are held on robotics, physics, the origin of the first inventions, etc. This is to encourage creativity and scientific literacy through fun manipulative dynamics. In parallel with the visit and the activities, a signposted "Shuttle route" has been designed and completed with explanatory panels located in the different locations of the Iguña valley where Torres Quevedo began his career as an inventor and where he created and tested his shuttle in 1887: the cable car for people.

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